Call for papers CADDM (Computer-Aided Drafting, Design and Manufacturing) is a truly international journal focused on papers with well-founded theories and applications in CADDM area. It provides engineers, designers and scientists with recent developments in all aspects of CADDM. CADDM calls for papers in long-term. Scope CADDM welcomes papers on a wide range of CADDM-related topics, including graphical techniques, computational geometry, CAD/CAM, CAD user interfaces, surface and solid modeling, CAD-related standards, simulation, robotics, BIM, 3D technology, engineering and design database, finite-element analysis, product data management, advanced manufacturing technologies, visualization, reverse engineering design, digital design and manufacturing integration technology, etc. Papers Ideal research papers on significant developments will describe the relevant theoretical background, present a workable algorithm, and give workable examples in real applications, and emphasize the practical applicability of presented work. Application papers will show the results of using technology critically in a way that will influence the direction of research. Review papers which give genuine reviews of specific areas of CADDM are encouraged. Style of Manuscripts The manuscript should usually follow the standard sequence of introduction, principles, results and discussion. Detailed mathematical discussion should be placed in an appendix. Equations should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals in parentheses on the right side of page. Special symbols should be identified in the margin, and the meaning of all symbols should be explained in the text where they first occur. Style for letter symbols is as follows: variables, italic type; constant, roman type; matrices and vectors, bold type. Figures and Tables should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals and given a suitable caption. References should be cited in number order. Style and punctuation of references must be in accordance with the following examples: 1. Newman W M, Sproull R F. Principles of interactive computer graphics. New York: Mc Graw Hill, 1973. 2. Smith L B. A survey of interactive graphical systems in mathematics. Computer Survey, 1970, 1(2): 261~301. 3. Nielson G M. Some piecewise polynomial alternatives to splines under tension. In: Barnhill R E and Riesenfeld R F. eds. Computer aided geometric design, New York: Academic Press, 1974. Submission of Manuscripts All submissions should be accompanied by a written declaration, signed by all authors, that the paper has not been submitted for consideration elsewhere. Manuscripts should be typed on one side of A4 with ample margins, and should be limited to 12 pages. An abstract comprising a brief summary on the contributions of the paper should be within 100~200 words. Keywords should be within 3~8 words. Electronic Submission Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to CADDM Editorial Department after all revisions have been incorporated. The manuscripts will be edited according to the style of journal, and the proofs must be read carefully by the author. Contact: CADDM Editorial Department China Graphics Society No. 37, Xueyuan Road, Beijing 100191, P. R. China E-mail: www: